Your business’ blog is one of its best tools.

Not only does it generate leads that your business mightn’t have gotten before, but it also positions you as an authority in your field and connects you to your customers on a whole other level.

Keep your content strong and your readers reading by avoiding the three common content mistakes below.

Business JargonBusiness Jargon can quickly become nonsense to your readers.

As I mentioned last week, it’s important for you to write how you speak.

“Our company continually strives to meet customer demand with our outside-the-box thinking.”

No. Just, no.

Instead: We make our customers happy. (Yes, really. That’s all you need to say.)

Tell your readers, in no uncertain terms, what you can do for them—because no one likes reading with a jargon dictionary beside them.

Lack of Conviction

Weak, wimpy words kill your writing. They make you look wishy-washy and unsure of yourself. And why would anyone hire you if you aren’t sure of yourself?

Avoid phrases such as “I think,” “In my opinion,” and “My thoughts are.” Just say it.

Convince your readers you’re right. And even if they disagree with you, they’ll respect you because of your conviction.

Content Without Purpose

Are you posting because you need to keep up with your self-imposed deadline, or are you posting because you have something important to say?

I’m not against self-imposed deadlines, but it’s important to keep it relevant and useful.

Purposeful content keeps your readers interested. It can educate, inform, or call them to action.

When you sit down to write, know your purpose for doing so.


Have you made any of the three mistakes above? How have you corrected them, and how do you plan to avoid them in the future? Post below to share your ideas with fellow business owners.






Stephanie Bruce
Stephanie Bruce is a freelance writer who specializes in web content that informs, entertains, and educates. She works with business owners who care about their clients as much as she cares about hers.

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