How to Generate Leads and Engage Your Audience

Your business could generate 126% more leads, if only you had a blog. And with services such as mine, you now no longer have a reason NOT to have one.

If you’re interested in building authority within your industry and becoming the obvious choice to your client base, take a look at the three main services I offer below: Content Planning, Content Creation, and Content Editing and Proofing.

Content Planning

Would you like an editorial calendar created just for you? I offer blog post ideas based around your business’s keywords and target audience.

Writer’s block be damned! Keep your writing schedule full for up to 6 months at a time.

What does each month of planned content include?

  • Up to 6 post ideas
  • Headlines and subtitles sure to catch the eye and make your job of writing a breeze
  • Researched and optimized keywords for your niche

1 month – $80

2 months – $140 (savings of $20)

3 months – $200 (savings of $40)

6 months – $400 (savings of $80)

Content Creation

Give yourself time to work on your business, not in it by hiring a professional content writer.

Blog Posts – $45 (up to 500 words) | $65 (up to 700 words) | $20 for each additional 100 words

  • Included w/each post:
    • Headlines and subtitles that capture readers
    • Links to other articles on your blog, as well as outside links to authoritative sites
    • One common license photo to increase SEO rankings
    • Clear call-to-action
    • Posted directly to your blog or delivered in a Word document

Don’t see what you need, or just curious what your project will cost you? Contact me.

Content Editing and Proofing

Do you have content on your site that needs to be reworked? Let me help.

Content will be thoroughly checked for grammar and spelling mistakes, and sentence structure will be improved until it flows seamlessly.

$25/post, up to 600 words. $.35/word for each additional word past 600.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with businesses and agencies who understand the importance of quality content and how it can give their business’s website an edge.

I don’t keyword stuff, page swap, or any other of those SEO blackhat methods. Instead, I write natural, engaging content that your ideal clientele will want to read and share with their friends.

Quality Content the First Time

I take the quality of my work very seriously. Nothing, not even the first draft, is sent to you until I am 100% satisfied with my work.

Of course, I do understand there will be creative differences at times, which is why I offer unlimited revisions for free, as long as it fits within the scope of the agreed upon work.

“Stephanie was hired to write an article that would be eventually used in an international publication. The content had to be of extremely high quality. She showed the ability to both distill the research provided to her and craft an article that read perfectly geared towards her target audience (businesses). I highly recommend Stephanie for content that requires a lot of thought and attention.”

Edward Yang, Managing Partner, Firecracker PR


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